New Minden Observation Corps Greens Are Finished -Part 1

We will be adding 10 new figures to our growing Minden Russian SYW range of figures, with 9 new Observation Corps musketeers and grenadiers and one regular line musketeer on their way to Griffin Moulds to have the moulds made and the first spins of metal to be cast.

The Blogger Gremlins are making it exceedingly hard to post pictures in this post so I will split the article into two different posts, the first for the Observation Corps Grenadiers and the second for the Observation Corps Musketeers.

Observation Corps Grenadiers
Here are some pictures of the Observation Corps Grenadiers including an officer and standard bearer wearing their regulation coats and the NCO, drummer and rank and file grenadier wearing their summer waistcoats. Most of the Russians‘ battles were fought during the summer months, so the rank and file men and NCOs would discard their green wool coats at the baggage train and sensibly wear their long sleeved red waistcoats.
The pictures are not the greatest but I think that they give you an idea of how the figures will look.  I’m sorry that I couldn’t get the lads to line up in close order, but the Blogger App is sometimes clunky when it comes to picture positioning.
Grenadier Standard Bearer

Grenadier Officer

Grenadier NCO

Grenadier Rank & File

Grenadier Drummer

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