New Releases – More Halfling Buildings.

It’s the second wave of out Halfing scenery releases, so we get to see more adventures in the village of Craggy Bottom starring Tobias Tubthumper, and friends.

This week we have a few new sets for you so without further ado, or stopping for food, somethign halflings struggle to grasp, let’s take a look.

First of all we have the Halfing Produce resin kit. We all know the Halflings love of food, it’s no shock they have a market and produce easily available in the village. This whole set is just £8!

Next up is the Halfling Watermill and bridges. As you can see you can fit a whole regiment of Halflings on that bridge while the watermill catches the eye on the table. All for £10.

Next up is a rather spooky set. The Halfling Graveyard is perfect for the zombies and ghosts of your Halflings. All this for £12!

Next up is the Halfling Blacksmith. Here your halflings weaponsa nd armour are made! THe Balccksmith buildings, fences, shed, tables and a furnace all for as little as £8!

Last but certainly not least is the Halfling Homestead. Four halfling houses for £8!

If the whole Craggy Bottom set interests you, how about Halfling Craggy Bottom Village for £50!

THese are all avaialble now from our webstore and if you order this weekend we’ll get them sent to you on Monday!


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