New Releases on a Tiny Scale

Some brand new releases are out today!

We’ve got five new Tabletop Scenics kits for our Sci-Fi X range today (the X stands for 10mm). In addition to the two kits we showed earlier this week, we have the colossal Shrine Mechanica, the perfect place for fixing your big stompy robots!

Not only that, but the Domicile Civitalis we saw before is joined by two extra sets: the Commercia Civitalis, and the Medicae Civitalis.

All of the Civitalis kits are Easy To Build, which means no glue is required! (that’s what the big red symbol means)

You can put these together and flat pack them down again after your game, making for easy storage.

All these new kits are available to order right now from the the TTCombat webstore, so get ready to expand your collection today!

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