New Year Resolutions!

Happy New Year!
I only have one New Year resolution this year and it’s to get more wargaming done, both at the local club and solo in the holidays. I also have some clear plans and projects for 2019, some of which I’ve already started and a few which are new, so I’ll set out what I’ll be up to in another post. In the meantime, it’s also Xmas here, as we open our English presents today, rather than floating them across to France then bringing them all the way back again. 
I now have a very nice blue Sea Cloth from Tiny Wargames so will be rethinking the bases on the ironclads and pre-dreadnoughts for a start, and a couple of boxes of Perry 28mm ACW figures, for which I’ll have to think of a possible use, perhaps Sharp Practice or those new rules from Dan Mersey, Rebels and Patriots, who knows? I doubt I’ll get round to doing that this year, however, as the focus will definitely be on more naval and air wargaming once again. More about that tomorrow!

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