Newline Designs Pict Cavalry

Ive been looking around for some Pict Cavalry & finally decided on the Newline Designs Miniatures 9 pack for £15 in the sale.
There are 3 lots of 3 different designs of rider & horse in the set (in my set i got 4 of one type, shame it was the walking horse)
The above picture shows the 3 riders next to figures from Curteys (my personal favourite Pict miniatures) on the left,
 Black Tree Design & finally on the far left Gripping Beast. 
Newline Horses with gripping beast horses
Size wise they fit well with the other manufacturers, the flash on the figures was minimal, on the horses there was a lot more with some casting holes under the horses belly, which was easily fixed with some green stuff. The sculpting is good, a little soft in places, better than i could ever do ?
Above with a Gripping Beast & a Black Tree Figure
Overall im very happy with these figures, especially for the price, they should paint up well.
 I would like to have seen some more variation in the figures with a helmeted head. I have got some West Wind Pict Helmeted heads from Rmacara over on LAF to add to 5 of the riders. 

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