Ninja All-Stars - Spirit Shrine Shinobi and Samurai Sentry

Ninja All-Stars – Spirit Shrine Shinobi and Samurai Sentry


I’m not entirely sure how Keiran ended up with Ninja All-Stars…? I think it might have been that I found it deeply discounted…. somewhere… and I knew they were really excited about Super Dungeon Explore… So we picked it up for them a few years back… 

I’m not sure if they even played it (they may have played it with Finnegan at one point..?). 

As I mentioned in the previous post, I think I wasbeen looking around on Meeplemart to see if they had anything else I could add to an order, as it is unlikely that I’ll be ordering anything else any time soon… and I THINK I went looking at Soda Pop miniatures to see if they had any heroes for Super Dungeon Explore and they didn’t but they had the two Ninja All Stars miniatures above and I remembered that Keiran the game and I must have got it in my head that I should order these two miniatures and paint them and I could paint up a couple of teams of the ones that Keiran had and maybe that might motivate them to play the game….? Maybe…?

Anyway, while I was waiting for the order to arrive, I decided I could try painting a few of the miniatures that Keiran already had… just to see how quick they might paint up and see if it motivated Keiran to get back to painting – or at least interested in playing if *I* painted all the miniatures!?

In the main box there are four teams Blue (Water), Red (Fire), Orange (Spirit), and Purple (Void). I am a fan of orange, so I grabbed a couple of those Shinobi and a Samurai Sentry and started painting. 

Spirit Shrine Madoushi, Kaiken, and Samurai Sentry. 

As much as a paint in the ass that orange is to paint over large surfaces and get an even coat… (Seriously, there were three different shades of orange I used, and needed to do TWO COATS OF EACH!?) I think they turned out okay and would kind of like to finish up the rest of the team! 

Spirit Shrine Madoushi

Spirit Shrine Kaiken

Samurai Sentry

If Keiran were to show any interest in playing I’d probably do the Void Shrine next and finish up the Samurai Sentries. 

I also have a few little shrine-like terrain bits that came with the last Reaper Bones I could paint up to substitute in for the shrine tokens in the game… maybe… 

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