North Star 1866 Prussian 4pdr w/Saxon Crew

The crew are actually the same figures from the 12pdr set, but I painted them up as Saxons in green coats. The helmet crest should be a sun burst, but I left the Prussian eagle and just painted it up to represent the Saxon crest.

Another nice set from North Star’s 1866 range. Nicely sculpted details which make painting them a joy. I did use my usual Minwax staining over a block paint job, followed by highlighting.

This gun should be it for Prussian fire support, as the French currently have none. I’m waiting for Eagles of Empire to release a Mitraileusse set.

Wondering if I should use both this and the 12pdr next month at a game day at the Fort Lewis Army Museum. Might be too much Prussian firepower, even with the French Chassepot having a greater range than the Dreyse Needle Gun – 24″ to 18″.

I wanted to have this painted up before the Warlord Games El Alamein boxed set arrives – hopefully soon. Until next time, happy gaming and painting to you all!

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