Not there yet...

Not there yet…

I had hoped for a much more joyous post than this for my first one back, but the simply fact of the matter is that sadly James, myself and the Castle will not be appearing at Salute this weekend.  Essentially we are all physically well, but both of us are battling with ongoing mitigating factors that have put paid to any sort of hobby time of late.  
We are so desperately sorry and didn’t want to let anyone down, hoping to attend right up until the end, but the fact is we are simply not able to make this work for us at the moment.  I still hope to share the Castle with a wider audience at some point, but loathed to make any promises at the moment for fear of letting you all down again.
I miss, terribly, the interactions and friendships that this most humble of weblogs has spawned and my heartfelt thanks to all those that have reached out or offered support;  I hope that, before too long, to find myself back at the helm, but until then I hope that you all stay safe and well.

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