November Hurricanes

November Hurricanes

I’m back to work tomorrow after what seems like a very short week’s holiday, so to cheer myself up I have decided to make a small start on the Finest Hour project by painting twelve Tumbling Dice 1/600th scale Hawker Hurricanes for my semi-fictitious No27 Squadron. This project is slated for next year but I’m keen to get cracking now, at least to chip away at the fifty or so planes I will eventually have to paint up. I’m also going to be painting my 1/2400th scale French Napoleonic ships at the same time, with the idea being to switch between the two as I go along, using the dark winter evenings to get them all finished by Xmas. I’m not in a rush, as you can tell, but I’m not planning to start anything else over the next couple of months either, as I really want to get both of these painting jobs wrapped up be the end of term. Tally Ho!

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