Old school metal skeletons – Shambling Bones Kickstarter

Old school metal skeletons – Shambling Bones Kickstarter

So you all know I love myself metal miniatures with a classic design. Tomorrow will see the launch of the Shambling Bones Kickstarter from BeQuest Miniatures. Click the link to get to the KS project landing page.

Currently I have no information on the cost or fulfilment time or anything else but since the maker (Jonas Marquardt) is from Germany and working with a German miniatures shop Hagen Miniatures I’m pretty sure this first Kickstarter from Jonas is going to go well. At least I hope so.

Here are some pictures of the minis:

Old school metal skeletons – Shambling Bones Kickstarter


Shambling Bones Kickstarter starts 24.03.23 8AM CET / 7AM GMT. 14 highly detailed hand sculpted white metal spin cast miniatures.



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