Old West Posse Project

Old West Posse Project


With What a Cowboy riding over the horizon soon, I’ve been adding some extra figures to my old west leadpile, with a view to painting at least one and hopefully two new gangs. The first of these will be bank robbers, using both Artizan and Foundry figures, while the second will be cowboys, again using the same sources. I’ve also added some of the relatively new Artizan mounted and dismounted character packs to give me the option of using horse riders in my games, something I haven’t done before even though my lawmen have mounts. I’ll fit this project in somehow, as I do like a bit of western action and enjoy a decent gunfight game of Fistful of Lead, even if the What a Cowboy rules turn out to be wonky?

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Autor: Jim Jackaman / Jim’s Wargames Workbench

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