Ongoing SAGA

I made a rare if fleeting visit to the local club this evening, unfortunately not to play a game but to drop of number one son so he could play 40K. I did get a chance to have a chat with the regulars, however, which was really good and about time, as I’ve been away for far too long. It was also a good opportunity to find out a bit more about the new edition of SAGA, which is a definite improvement on the old version according to the usual suspects. 
I have a Norman army for SAGA but haven’t used it for more than a couple of games way back in the distant past, primarily due to the fact that I was disappointed by the paintwork I inflicted on the figures, which are all lovely Crusader Miniatures and otherwise undeserving of my sloppy brushwork. In fact, only today I was thinking of sending them off to eBay to raise some cash for other projects. I may well do this but instead to fund a second edition of the rules and the (very expensive!) Age of Vikings supplement.
This would mean a new army would be needed, which isn’t a problem as, guess what, I have a whole load of plastic and metal figures in the lead pile including a very nice Gripping Beast Welsh 4 point starter force, lots of plastic Anglo Saxons and other assorted early medieval sword fodder. These have been gathering dust but would be a great way for me to get back into SAGA after my abortive first edition efforts. I need to have another chat with the SAGA experts at the club first, but I think this would be a lot of fun!

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