Operation Exporter - Free French Perry Miniatures.

Operation Exporter – Free French Perry Miniatures.

Back in the swing of things…. Armed with a new found focus fresh troops roll of the paint production line. It’s surprising how switch off the TV and devoting an hour before bed each evening gets things moving.

Applying the approach of no mini is left behind this is Free French squad made up on the last of the Perry’s and Warlord figures, a mix of head gear and weapons but I am working on the assumption that parade ground standards drop a little when your 2 months in the field with temperatures hitting 100 degrees.

A 10 man section armed with an LMG and VB launcher means they do pack quite a punch when compared to the Brits.

Next up Australians keeping the theme going. I have urge to play these out in a wider campaign, bringing together the various forces, but perhaps blending it with elements of Platoon Forward. More on that later, right now it nice to be clearing down troops that have been staring back at me for a number of months…

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