Orctober: Boar Rider

Orctober: Boar Rider

 Hi everyone!

This is Orctober, and I wanted to paint at least one Orc this year, unlike last year when I was completely out of the hobby.

Some years ago, I bought a box of Mantic Gore Riders for Kings of War. I liked these figs, and wanted to paint them fast for a game, but I was rather disappointed when I discovered that the boars were not easy to assemble – the parts didn’t join very well, which meant that some green stuff was required to get a decent result, and I’m far from comfortable with that activity. Moreover, I didn’t like the heads of the riders that I found too small, hence the box found a place on the shelves and that was all.

Probably due to the last post (Pigs at Risk!!), I reopened the box and decided to give it another try. I lately acquired a box of Warlord Games Orcs, in which you can find extra heads on each sprue. I chose one for my test figure in order to give him a darker look (you will tell me if you agree). I then assembled both rider and boar, added some green stuff to fill the gaps (I’m still not good at that, but with experience, it is slowly getting acceptable), and painted them with the color scheme I use for my 28mm Orc army – here is a link to the post introducing my work on the Green Horde.

And here you are the result:

An Orc from the Green Horde has a green skin, nothing original 🙂 The armor is mainly composed of rusty steel parts, with a few bronze (with verdigris) elements. The shield is black with a Red Eye symbol, just like the rest of the army. 

Some close-up pictures to have a better look at the weathering:

The silhouette has something of Don Quixote, don’t you think ? On the picture below, he has to hide his face from the rising sun.

Hope you like this slightly converted figure. Still nine riders to assemble.
Maybe some more Orcs before the end of the month!

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