Outremer: Faith and Blood: Crusaders (Ibelin)

Outremer: Faith and Blood: Crusaders (Ibelin)


Hello friends!

After Military Order band, today a second group for Outremer: Faith and Blood skirmish.

I recently painted some Knights of Ibelin that will suit my project perfectly.

As I mentioned before – we have 750 Livres to spend – on men-at-arms and their equipment  (from simple weapons, through shields, various types of helmets, ending with holy relics).

I had enough money for:

  • 2 Knights
  • 2 Ranged Militia with crossbows
  • 2 Pilgrims with improvised weapons


In a while I’ll also take care of the Muslims – I have a lot of painted models that I can make a gang of – but I want to paint a few models from start to finish for Outremer: Faith and Blood.

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