Outremer: Faith and Blood: Military Orders

Outremer: Faith and Blood: Military Orders



I invite you to the first post about Military Order, which I prepared for the Outremer: Faith and Blood skirmish game!.

        The action of the game published by Osprey Wargames takes place in the era of the first Crusades, in the territories occupied by the Crusaders as a result of the First Crusade – Outremer (French outre-mer – literally „Over-the-Sea“). Before the fall of Jerusalem, it was a coastal strip from Lesser Armenia in the north to Gaza in the south.
It consisted of four states: the County of Edessa, the Principality of Antioch, the County of Tripoli and the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

        The system is a simple (but not crude) skirmish, for which we need literally a few models that will join the ranks of warbands: Crusaders, Orders of Knights or Saracens.

Outremer: Faith and Blood was in my head many, many years before (released in 2018), but unfortunately I put it off for the next few years…

       I’ll tell you about the mechanics another time – as I mentioned, it’s simple (as I’ve been playing Warhammer for over 2 decades, I associate it with – or more precisely with Mordheim, turn-based solutions, actions, shooting, saving throws, gaining experience, etc.) and today I will focus on building a Military Order band.

At the beginning we have 750 Livres to use to purchase armor and equipment.
In the band described today, I bet on:

  • Knight on a horse,
  • 2 foot knights,
  • Sergeant with a crossbow,
  • Chaplain.

Next time Ibelin Crusaders!

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