Overhauling the 28mm Ion Age range pt4 Retained Knights

Overhauling the 28mm Ion Age range pt4 Retained Knights

In our fourth Ion Age 28mm update on the progress of the overhauling more than 220 miniatures (1991-2022) we are all about Retained Knights. While last time we saw some of Bob Olley’s sculpting (IB16 Retained Support for instance) this time sixteen more miniatures featuring the sculpting of ‚Gaz‘ the talented Chaz Elliot.

Sadly we are increasing prices (ten percent) as well as making all 28mm poses singles for the first time. Platoons, Packs, Singles. Each of the pack codes (IB) has a baked in small saving over single figures. This time the following pack codes with their singles after it (all in the above image). 

IB21 Retained Varlet Support (IA079 to IA082) 

IB22 Retained Rapid Strike (IA083 to IA086) 

IB15 Retained Jupons (IA056 to IA058) 

IB23 Retained Veterans (IA087 to IA090) 

Here are some example pictures of pack and singles from this update which include my own personal favourite Retained Knight miniature IA089 Retained Veteran with Plasma Rifle. 

We have just about reached the half way point now with some six hundred new pictures gracing the website. There are Retained Nobles to come as well as Planetary Militia and other characters such as the Noblesse. Before we move onto the Shia Khan Empire. This overhaul will take many more weeks to complete and will be followed by further restored original codes too. Current (2019) prices on the website will be honoured until that code is updated and new pictures put in. There will also be brand new poses added from April 2023. 

Until 1st May 2023 you automatically get AS016 War Bot in your package when it ships out. Worth 10.00GBP this any scale resin model is 40mm tall and works great in 28mm sci-fi. Alternative Armies keeps the fun in wargaming. 

 Thank you. 


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