Packing Up For Little Wars

Packing Up For Little Wars


This evening I packed all of the miniatures for my Khartoum game at Little Wars this coming Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I also got all of my terrain packed away into stackable plastic containers. All of the boxes will be loaded into our SUV tomorrow. Previously I had loaded empty boxes into the vehicle to see how many I could fit into it. Thus by knowing the maximum number of containers that I can fit into my car, it becomes a matter of fitting everything into the exact number of boxes. If it can’t make it into a container then it doesn’t go to the show.

This afternoon I finished making four new 12-inch long city walls for the game. These will replace the heavy weight King &  Country walls. I can pack.more of my foam core walls into a box than I can the K&C resin walls.

The last thing on my punch list is to make some more scaling ladders for the game. 

I checked out the convention game sign ups and it looks like all three of my Khartoum games are sold out with 12 players per game. I’m really looking forward to the convention in a couple more days.

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