Paint Table Sunday – The Army of Toussaint Louverture

The recent ACW big bash is distracting me with thoughts of a few „extra“ mini’s to stem the Northern tide. However I am resisting the urge to paint these extra’s at least until I have the completed the main forces for the Haiti project.
Following on from the first game I have had a rethink about the force make up and unit stats. The longer plan will be to create a Slave Rebellion Force and Free People’s Force that way I will have forces to face off against one another and the British, French or Spanish depending on who has what at the club.  
Image result for Toussaint Louverture
The man himself Toussaint Louverture.
Whilst I work out exactly what extra’s are needed for the two forces and supports that might be needed, I thought I would kick start some of the Line Infantry in the Army of Toussaint Louverture – The Black Napoleon.
The figures are from Trent Miniatures and are available from Arcane Scenery who always provide great service. To late in the day for natural light the flash gives the impression that they are some what lighter then they actually are, I will look to get an outside shot in the coming days to give a better view of them.

The castings come with separate heads which provides for multi variations and with spare heads available gives me a few extra options for some head swaps on some of the regular French infantry which are in the paint queue.

With another game against the British planned in the coming weeks, a few more regular types are needed to give me a fighting chance.

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