Perimeter Borg of the Khanate released 28mm Ion Age

Perimeter Borg of the Khanate released 28mm Ion Age

„The crust of Selway Minor III is thick with the volcanic deposits needed for the intense production of titanium and this has made the planet extremely valuable; despite its extreme frigid nature.  Mines cover the planet’s surface like icebergs expanding deep into the dead rock.  The largest of these the Grefa Mega City called Gicela was also the oldest and was the first place the Shia Khan Empire appeared outside of the contained Camarthen Cluster.  Elite Legionary infiltrator teams were materialised by Matter Gateway projection from Camarthen Prime and while the failure rate of this method was vast several teams survived and began their work in the darkness of the deep shafts of Gicela.  It took them weeks to assemble the delicate parts each member of the four Legionary team had brought with them to establish a stable ‘door sized’ Matter Gateway and to begin to bring in the invasion force through it.

During these weeks the infiltrators grabbed men, women and children who wandered far or would not be missed.  These they quickly and crudely turned into Perimeter Borgs. Attaching a control unit to the skull and then grafting the head and vital parts into mechanised bodies thralled to the Legionaries control.  Tracked and carrying a heavy weapon these expendable wretches established a controlled zone allowing the Legionaries to work unmolested upon their goal.  These Borgs would not live more than a few weeks but that would be enough time.

The first encounters with Perimeter Borgs went badly for the security patrols sent to seek out those missing. The dispatching of Gicela Planetary Militia platoons established there was a credible threat from what was initially thought to be a small Gryre infestation.  Destroyed Borgs being taken miles up to the higher city established that it was actually the Shia Khan. The great enemy of Humanity.“  Academy Auto-Trainer Series 61, New Glastonbury, 4345IC 

We are delighted to present one of the rarest of the original 1990’s Ion Age models back into the world.  With the entire Ion Age 28mm range now in new molds and returned to the website as well as new releases taking it to over two hundred and fifty miniatures it is the ideal time for the Perimeter Borg!  Our sole sci-fi release for this month.

IA241 Perimeter Borg:  A multiple part resin and metal 28mm scale miniature.  Composed of four pieces (body, two tracks, head) easy to assemble.  Choose from a single model or a pack of four identical with a saving. A tracked cyber thrall with human head and Janus Blast Gun.  Dimensions assembled are 27mm tall, 25mm wide and 25mm deep.  Part of the Shia Khan Empire.

Shown above with a Human Betrayer (30mm total height) and a Psycoborg robot for scale comparison.

Not seen in the thousand years since the Ban of Prejudice the return of cyber thralls to Prydian Space came as an unpleasant surprise.  The Khanate incursion was thought to be contained in the Camarthen Cluster.  This was incorrect…  If you wish to see the Prydian Precinct as a whole (not just the small part seen here) then check out our PIA007 Poster which shows you all the star systems as an A3 print or a digital download.

Thank you for Reading,

GBS (Gavin Syme – Creative Manager)

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