Perry DAK - Based And Ready For Bolt Action

Perry DAK – Based And Ready For Bolt Action

Finished up the 12-man sprue of Perry plastic DAK figures. Nothing special here – just blocked painted, followed by Minwax Tudor Satin stain and sprayed with matte. Used Warlord Games 25mm rounds to match the rest of the figures for Western Desert Campaign.

Nice figures, as expected from Perry. As I didn’t have the entire set, not sure how many more arm/weapon options may be included but the single sprue I had seemed to have only a few spares. That is, I would’ve liked to have more firing poses – particularly with rifles.

I do like the simplicity of these figures – all of the equipment worn on the rear are molded in one-piece, making it easy to attach to the figure.

Picture above shows a Perry figure with a Wargames Atlantic figure to the left and a Warlord Games (metal) to the right. The Perry figures is slightly smaller than the other two, but looks okay on the gaming table with them.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this small project. Best wishes to you all.

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