Perry DAK - WIP

Perry DAK – WIP

Perry DAK WIP. Just a 12-man plastic sprue picked up from ebay. Figured the Axis needed a few more troops since they’ll be the attackers in a Bolt Action scenario. Haven’t picked up the full box yet, but this sprue only had a few arm/weapon options. Specifically, there are two prone figures – one of which has a rifle already molded onto the main torso. The other prone only allows either an anti-tank rifle or MG 34. There is another arm/weapon option for the MG 34, but it is a shoulder carry pose. I chose to use the anti-tank rifle for the prone and use the shoulder carry for the MG 34. In Bolt Action, infantry attacking armored vehicle can only cause minor damage if the unit doesn’t have anti-tank weapons. Figured this will give the unit a fighting chance. Although in the last game at Fix Bayonet, the Italian unit without anti-tank weapons caused the Crusader to be destroyed even with minor damage rolls.

With the usual Minwax Tudor Satin stain treatment.

Block painted with various khaki and OD colors from the Vallejo DAK paint set.

After these are done I have two 1/48th scale Tiger I plastic kits – one an AFV Club and the other Tamiya. Plan to get some more airbrushing done on them.

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