Perry English Civil War Cannon X 2

Perry English Civil War Cannon X 2

 Here are two Perry English Civil War 9 pounders, one a demi-culverin and the other (Scots‘) a falcon.

Interesting overall size difference between the two, as they are both 9 pounders.

In addition to the 4-man Perry crews, previously painted Warlord Games officers have been added to each.

The Warlord Games officer leaning on the demi-culverin fits perfectly onto the trail arm. The two makes match up very nicely together – in both size and sculpting style.

I based the tartan on the Covenanter guy holding the sponge on the MacAlister clan’s pattern as I wanted a red base for it.

Next up are some Warlord Games Cuirassiers – which just arrived yesterday. Great timing! Thanks for stopping by and wishing you all the best in health and hobby!

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