Perry WotR Double Arc Field Piece

Figuring it would look more balanced to have two cannon for the Bosworth game – one on each side of Richard III on top of Albion Hill – here is the second one.

Although the two cannon won’t be a big part of the Bosworth game, artillery was present at the actual battle – at least in the opening stages. In fact, there aren’t any „official“ rules for artillery (or handguns, for that matter) in the main Lion Rampant rule book. The plan is to have the two Yorkists cannon to have a chance to make one shot each during the entire game. Thinking of them needing a 3+ for Firing, and hitting on 4+ with 12 dice each, with a max range of 36″. After firing, they are basically done with the game, other than blocking movement – which can be fairly significant with the 3″ between units rule for Lion Rampant.

The crew were painted using the usual method of starting with block painting, then brushed on Minwax Tudor (how inappropriately named!) Satin stain, and finally highlighting after spraying with Testers Dullcote. The artillery piece itself was given a wash of Vallejo Black and Flesh Ink – which allowed more control of getting the ink to settle in the grains of the „wood.“

The artillery piece itself looks just like the one pictured in the Medieval Soldier book – the one with the Perry’s in it.

Here’s a shot of the pieces prior to staining/washing.

I’m „this close“ to ordering a box of European Mercenaries as they were a good part of Henry Tudor’s „invasion“ force which participated at Bosworth.

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