Perry WotR Foot Knights – WIP +1

The box of Perry „Foot Knights 1450-1500“ as well as the 12 fully-armored WotR Infantry guys are painted; just need to add livery badge decals to the guys wearing jupons or tabards.

Edit: I just noticed I still need to paint the feather plumes on several of the figures. ūüôā

These were, dare I say, a joy to paint. I find fully armored figures easiest to paint – I first discovered this when I painted up a Norman army (for WAB) with most of the guys in chainmail. Just black undercoat and dry-brushed silver and very little exposed skin and clothing.

Besides the 3-step armor painting process (described in the previous post) and the jupons/tabards, the only parts painted were the few exposed faces, wooden staffs of weapons, leather boots and straps, and the hilts and pommels of the swords. The faces, wood and leather parts were given a wash of Vallejo Flesh Wash mixed with some Sepia.

With the completion of these figures, the core units for this project are done. Next up are the six Yorkists Foot Command figures which were included free with the Yorkists Battle (3 boxes of Infantry). They’ll be an additional unit of Foot Men at Arms – per Lion Rampant. Thank you for visiting and checking out the blog!

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