Perry WotR Foot Knights – WIP

The box is actually titled „Foot Knights 1450-1500“ – but, for this project they are WotR Foot Knights. Still awaiting the arrival of the livery badge decals, figured might as well start on the foot knights/men-at-arms box, and the remaining fully armored guys from the infantry boxes. Here they are with the armor painted. They still need their faces, leather straps and wooden staffs painted, as well as the jupons on some of them.

The armor was painted using a simple 3-step process. First, sprayed the figures with Rust-Oleum Metallic Aluminum – I wanted something darker than silver, like gun metal, and this was the closest I could find at the local hardware store.

Next, they were given a wash of Vallejo Black Ink to bring out the details and black line the armor plates, etc. Finally, they were dry-brushed with Vallejo Silver (the first image posted).

The guys with jupons will be given basic livery colors and then badge decals will be added. Thanks for stopping by and checking out this project.

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