Perry WotR Light Cavalry – Completed

The box actually is titled, „Light Cavalry 1450-1500,“ but they’ll be used in Wars of the Roses games – particularly Bosworth. A bit of highlighting was added to the riders after a Minwax stain and shot of Testors Dullcote.

Once again, the lighting is a little too bright and the colors a bit washed out.

As noted in the previous post, I went a bit over the top and added magnets to the right arms. Not that I plan on swapping the arms out for crossbow or longbow arms, but wanted to ensure the figures fit in low profile drawers for storage and transport.

Lances in the upright position.

The horses would’ve benefited from some highlighting too, but I was too lazy.

Lances lowered.
Lances swung upright.

Next up are the Mounted Men at Arms – the horses are already painted. The riders themselves will require a little bit more work than the Light Cavalry guy as their hands are separate from the arms – allowing them to hold hand weapons or lances. Thank you all very much for following this project!

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