Perry WotR Mounted Men at Arms – Completed

Here are the 12 mounted Men at Arms with standards for Richard III and Henry Tudor, as well as a generic royal banner.

These will be used in 6-figure units for Lion Rampant.

As with the previous Light Cavalrymen, the right arms are attached with magnets. This allows the arms to swing up or down – to fit in a shallow storage case. The Richard III figure, with the crowned sallet, can be swapped with a different head wearing a plain sallet. He also has two different arms holding a warhammer, as well as one arm holding a lance. His standard bearer also has an arm with a sword.

The center front stand with the swapped out head and arms.
The figures were sprayed with silver and then given a black ink wash, followed by highlighting with silver. The tabards are painted in generic livery colors to be used for different factions.
Lances lowered.
Lances upright.
Plate barding for the horses were probably used only by a very few, but they looked too cool not to add onto about half of the horses.
Note the figures on the far right – the crowned Richard III head has been swapped out for a plain sallet, as well as his warhammer being replaced by a lance. The standard bearer’s arm switched out with one holding a sword.

All the boxes of plastics are now completed. There is a metal artillery and crew remaining – this was another freebie with the Army deal. Thank you for visiting the blog and best wishes to all!

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