Perry WotR Yorkist Command on Foot

These are the freebies from the „Yorkist Battle“ Army deal (3 boxes of WotR Infantry). Even though Edward IV was not at First St Albans, and had died two years before Bosworth, he’ll be on the gaming table for both scenarios. „Golden“ armor is too cool not to paint him up as such. The guy holding his standard is in generic Yorkist blue and red livery. The guy with the warhammer to his right (front rank) has his tabard painted up as Sir John Say.

The images are a bit washed out, as I’m still trying to get the lighting right.

Except for Edward, who was sprayed with gold, the rest were undercoated with silver spray paint as the previously painted plastic men-at-arms.

I added flowers and grass tufts to these bases as I felt they needed a bit more bling being „character“ sculpts in metal.

Next up are the cavalry – a box each of Mounted Men at Arms and Light Cavalry. Thanks for stopping by!

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