Peruvian Pre-dreadnought Plans

Peruvian Pre-dreadnought Plans

I’ve been off work the last couple of days with the habitual vertigo and nausea as a result of Meniere’s Syndrome, which I suffer from on an irregular basis. This is a right pain in the *** as it means I have to stay horizontal for most of the time and get very, very bored, in addition to feeling like crap. 

It also means I’m having to miss a game of Strength and Honour run by Mark Backhouse at the club which I organised and was really looking forward to. It would have been great to actually try out the rules with the author umpiring the game but, luckily, there are enough people to step in for the game to still run in my absence. Thanks Gary.

On a mildly positive note, the two Sentinel class models arrived from Tumbling Dice that I’m going to convert into the Almirante Grau class scout cruisers for the Peruvian navy. This looks like it will be a simple job of drilling new holes for the funnels and filling in the old ones. I’ve decided, as a result, that I may do just that and also base some of the merchant shipping I planned to do, rather than start on the big Red Actions! or Royal Navy pre-dreadnought projects, bar some simple basing up if I have some time.

The Easter holidays are in a few week’s time, so the plan is to have enough models ready for some pre-dreadnought wargaming set in a fictional war between Chile and Peru, in which the Argentinians intervene on the Peruvian side. It may also feature the US navy in some capacity, probably getting in-between the belligerents or siding with the Peruvians, while the Royal Navy may also stick her oar in, either to observe or to support the Chileans once the Argentinians show their colours.

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