Photo Booth upgrade

Photo Booth upgrade

You may of noticed over the last few weeks I finally updated my Photo Booth which I have been putting off for some time. We happened to be in IKEA recently and I spotted a ideal box size and when I returned home I decided to order some model railway backgrounds terrain, buildings and sky.  When they arrived I placed them onto cardboard backing and printed a science fiction one also while I was at it. 

I then purchased some daylight serial led light strips form our local €2 shop. I assembled the box, added the removable backgrounds, and then tried a few photos and worked out I needed to lift the models to blend in better with the shrubbery or buildings in the background. So I then decided to build a platform to lift the models to blend in better with the backgrounds, adding flock the base to match my basing. Also I built a small pin platform so my aircraft and space ship models could be lifted up too. 

Really happy with the improvements, although I could of purchased a bigger box for artillery limbers and large regiments …… next one I guess. 



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