Photobucket and the Deletion of Older Posts

Like a lot of people who use or have used Photobucket, I am quite outraged by the recent changes to their plans and their terms and conditions. I automatically paid an annual subscription for a 20 Plus plan (this has 20 GB of storage, the first 8 GB is free) in June this year through to June next year. I recently received an email advising that this plan has been discontinued and that I had thirty days to upgrade and pay for another plan otherwise my account would revert to a free account. Presumably data over the 8GB limit will be deleted. Most of the photos on my 335 posts on this blog are on Photobucket. I think I have about 14 GB in total so 6 GB if this will go. I’m unwilling to upgrade to another plan as I have already made the switch to Flickr (here you get 1 TB free!) so the bottom line is that many photos will soon be no longer available, rendering posts obsolete.

While this is really annoying, it does provide impetus for reorganising the blog. Recent posts from February this year will be unaffected but anything older than that may go so what I will do is add additional pages like a gallery page and a sites and museums page and repost a lot of this older material over time. I will also try and sort my most popular posts so that the photos are on Flickr and for the gallery page it does provide the opportunity to take new and better photos of individual armies. Once I know which posts no longer have photos available I will delete these posts. I’d be interested to hear of others‘ experience of Photobucket and/or other image hosting services and any possible solutions they have come up with!

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