Pictish Plan B

Pictish Plan B


Here’s my Pictish army based for Impetus that I’m thinking of rebasing for Sword and Spear. This lot works out at four units of medium spears, three units of light cavalry, two units of chariots, two units of bows and two units of javelin armed skirmishers, for a total of just under two hundred points. As expected, there would also some leftover figures that I can reuse as a starting point.

I’ve calculated that I will need to spend about sixty quid to bring the army up to three hundred points or thereabouts, by adding four more medium spear units, a single chariot unit and two units of Attacotti warriors, some of which can be seeded from leftover painted figures This is quite a big outlay and a bit too much of a stretch at the moment but not unreasonable in the longer term…

…time for a think?

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