Pilgrim Heavy Tank new 6mm by Bradley Miniatures

Now on the Bradley Miniatures 6mm science fiction range page at Alternative Armies the brand new BR030 Pilgrim Heavy Tank!  Go HERE for the range.

Designed by Voxite Industries, the Pilgrim heavy tank is built throughout the Vox Sphere as a garrison tank. Numerous Vox factions either licences the design for production on-world or purchase the vehicle from one of many Voxite plants.

BR030 Pilgrim Heavy Tank
A core slugger for your forces the Pilgrim brings the pain as a main battle tanks.  A 6mm scale metal vehicle kit which comes in a pack of four or can be selected as a single vehicle too.  Each vehicle is composed of a hull with a separate turret.  Easy to assemble and 26mm long and 15mm wide.  Supplied unassembled.  Go HERE.
No matter which game system you play in 6mm you will find something of interest in the Bradley Miniatures range.  Here is the current list of codes each of which comes as a single model or in a pack from which you can select a single if you wish to tailor your army to exact numbers.
BR002 Armadillo APC
BR003 Stalker Missile Tank
BR004 Hunter Battle Tank
BR005 Nemian Assault Tank
BR006 Tiger Walker
BR007 Jet Grenadier Platoon
BR008 Grenadier Platoon
BR009 Grenadier Weapons Platoon
BR010 Stormhunter SPG
BR011 Lionsguard Platoon
BR012 Attack Bike Platoon
BR013 Gryphon Gravscout
BR014 Trencher APC
BR015 Flame APC Caisse
BR016 Tryant SPG Caisse
BR017 Marksman AA Caisse
BR018 T47 Main Battle Tank
BR019 Actium Superheavy Tank 
BR020 Kourian Superheavy Tank
BR021 Calydon Battle Tank
BR022 Tyros Laser Destroyer Tank 
BR023 Lionheart A Battle Tank
BR024 Lionheart B Battle Tank
BR025 Ironclad Superheavy Tank
BR026 Lynx Scout Walker
BR027 Corvo Dropship (Massive 6mm scale Dropship) 
BR029 Kuu Patrol Vehicle
BR030 Pilgrim Heavy Tank
BR032 Perscheron Cargo Transporter
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