Plague Games moves to Alternative Armies

Plague Games moves to Alternative Armies

Operating on Ebay for many years two of the ladies at Alternative Armies created Plague Games to sell items the company itself does not make. Other miniatures and models and games which have come our way from remainder stock, closed stores, trades, shows and so on. Plague is now set up on its own page of the main site meaning it falls under our shipping and free model arrangements. 
So what can you find on the new pages? Grenadier Models, Excalibur Miniatures, Thunderbolt Mountain, Harlequin Miniatures, Shadowrun, FASA, Dark Sun, Ral Partha and many more. What you see is what we have photographed exactly. First come first served. 
 Just added six different Colossal Lords boxes by Grenadier circa 1990 for instance. 
You can pick up something rather special as most of these items are long, long out of production. All prices are fair as always. Have a gander.
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