Plant a tree in 2023!

Plant a tree in 2023!

 I’ve been vaguely intending to rebase some trees for a while now.  I have a few individually based and could do with more.  To that end I dug out a box of multi-based trees and separated them.  My box of random mdf bases was raided for suitable 20x20mm squares. All were drilled and a tree threaded into each square, with a dab of PVA to keep them in place.  The following day I painted one base at a time then immediately thrust it into my box of flock.  When they’re dry I’ll brush off the surplus flock and er, that’s it.

As to the trees.  The nicer ones were bought at a show in the 1990s for something like £0.40 each.  And if you think that’s a bargain, the ‘Christmas’ style fir trees were bought in a model shop in Scotland in the 1980s for £0.05 each!  What great value terrain!  

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