Plastic Fantastic T-62's

Plastic Fantastic T-62’s


I only have two tanks in my Superpower Backed army for AK-47, despite two more being a potential upgrade in the political manoeuvre phase, so thought I might add a few more, just in case. My first idea was to get some PT-76 light tanks but all the options are quite expensive, even going down the 3D printed route. I then remembered that I have some plastic T-62M tank sprues from the Team Yankee starter set, which can be built as the earlier T-62A. These are slightly smaller than Peter Pig models but should look fine next to the Old Glory / Skytrex AFV’s that make up the rest of my force. I’ll dig two or three if them out when I get back tonight and will glue them together to paint up alongside the T-55’s I’ve started on for the Dictatorship army. 

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Autor: Jim Jackaman / Jim’s Wargames Workbench

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