Plastic Soldier Company: 1/300 Plane Pack

Plastic Soldier Company: 1/300 Plane Pack

Something I could not resist buying (sorry Mum it’s in my blood) – a party pack of what I can only think of as „surplus to use for PSC“ .. but 100 planes for a tenner (and £3.50 P&P) there has got to be a great glorious wargaming use for them somewhere! Plenty of Stukas (27) for sure, Gloster Gladiators, Me 110s, Bristol Blenheims and various Luftwaffe Medium Bombers (see below, pass me the spray can, I got this!): 

I am thinking tactical formations of bombers to give a certain „mass“ in the tactical element of the game. More visual that individual, as I am not keen on fiddly moving parts!

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