Plastic Warrior 2024 - the purchases - part 1

Plastic Warrior 2024 – the purchases – part 1

My acquisitions at the show were – to say the least – somewhat diverse!  But then such is the joy of the PW show.  In no particular order, we start with this nicely painted plastic Soviet VDV trooper.  He needed the paint on his boots touching up and I’ve varnished and based him.  Cost?  Er, 25p….(he was in a £1 for four items rummage box).

A box of high* quality items.

Near my table was a chap with a load of these Hing Fat figures.  While not the last word in fine detail they are useful figures for adding variety and for conversion work. And at £5 for three sets it was rude not to.  Above – the North Vietnamese – they look a lot like WW2 British with different hats.

WW2 Italians – a really nice set.

Hello sailor!  A ready made crew for a small boat.  Not I need to build the boat…

Another refugee from the rummage box was this nicely converted Cold War Brit.

A bag containing a dozen or so Atlantic Italians – Alpini and Cold War paras.  

Three metal pilots cost me £10.  This US in Vietnam chap…

…and two WW2 Luftwaffe officers.

A welcome find was this bag of half a dozen Cherilea Elizabethan figures.

A fine bag of tat labelled ‚Pacific War‘ contained a dozen each of the Hing Fat US and Japanese figures (useful for conversions) and a horrible green plastic landing craft.  Hopefully some grey paint will turn it into a merely horrible landing craft.

One more purchase still to reveal – stay tuned for part 2….

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