Post apocalyptic miniatures - Terrifying Anomaly (STL Files) (Kickstarter miniatures inboxing)

Post apocalyptic miniatures – Terrifying Anomaly (STL Files) (Kickstarter miniatures inboxing)


Hello Wanderers!

I invite you today to take a closer look at the printed models, which you will be able to buy on September 26, 2023 on the starting of Medusa Project Company’s KICKSTARTER

Medusa Project company is a passionate team of artists creating digital sculptures. They specialization in 3D miniatures designed for board games, tabletop battle games and collectibles. They have a long time experience in sculpting models for 3D printing and resin or metal casting.

What We have?

  • 32 mm great looking post-apocalyptic and dystopian atmosphere miniatures,
  • Streamlined and well-built figures (not heroic scale!)
  • All models will be released as digital files (only!)
The Expedition Core Set includes six heroes and one Deer Anomaly, and of course In addition, all unlocked Strecht Goals will be added to the Core Set when unlocked!
  • Outcast Owl (I call him a Shaman!) and dog (are two extra minis for everyone who will back at first 48h)

In my opinion, the figures look great.
They are very nicely designed. They look ‚characteristic‘ and are diverse.

Below are some photos with a scale comparison.

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