Pre-dreadnought Additions

Pre-dreadnought Additions


USS Oregon

USS Cincinnati 

HMS Grafton

I’ve tweaked the last group of models that I’m painting for the Easter holiday wargaming project, swapping some out and adding some new ones. The US Navy has lost both the USS Charleston and USS Baltimore, as they are a little too old, but have gained the far more potent battleship, USS Oregon, alongside the protected cruiser USS Cincinnati. These two ships were both stationed on the West Coast in the timeframe I’m using and will, therefore, fit in very well to any potential scenarios. 

The Royal Navy has lost the impressively enormous armoured cruiser HMS Ariadne, as she by contrast is really too late for the campaign, but have gained the Edgar class protected cruiser, HMS Grafton, once again on the basis that she was deployed to the Pacific at the time, or thereabouts, so is more appropriate. I have also added the four Argentinian torpedo boats, as previously mentioned, so have some interesting and varied things to paint up over the next couple of weeks!

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