Pre-dreadnought Third Parties

Pre-dreadnought Third Parties


I’ve been unwell again over the last couple of days, so my best laid plans to spend some time at the workbench went sideways. However, I have sorted out the final few models to paint for my fictional South American conflict, with the focus being in the no belligerent third parties, namely the USA, Great Britain and Peru.

The USN is represented by the cruisers USS Charleston and USS Baltimore, with the USS Montgomery and the gunboat USS Yorktown in support. The Royal Navy have the protected cruiser HMS Intrepid and the armoured cruiser HMS Ariadne. The Peruvians meanwhile have their two scout cruisers, Almirante Grau and Coronel Bolognesi. 

Finally, I’ve included the obsolete central battery ironclad Almirante Cochrane for the Chileans, just because I like it! The deadline for painting these is the end of the month, leaving the merchant ships high and dry for the moment but starting the Red Actions! project alongside the pre-dreadnought painting.

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