Procrastinating Projects

Nordic Weasel asked „What gaming projects do you keep putting off?“ on Twitter last week.

I quickly came up with a list, which I have since added to:

  • My 18th cent Imagination „Mantovia“ & it’s 20th cent manifestation with Centurion tanks. 
  • A castle for my Medieval stuff (although I probably need 2 really: 1 for 11th cent & 1 for 15th cent/WotR)
  • Urban ruins for WW2 Eastern Front. 
  • A couple of dice towers (one as a North West Frontier tower and one more medieval/Middle Earth)
  • Dwarves for Middle Earth 
  • Finish up my Swiss
  • Finish up my samurai 

I should probably just start at the bottom and work my way up!

Well maybe move the Dwarves up a bit. They will be a significant expenditure. 

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