Proof of Life!

It may not have escaped the attention of the more regular visitors to this humble weblog that things have been a little quite of late.  Rest assured there are not great dilemmas, just the day job going through an incredibly busy and demanding passage at the moment.  In order to maintain some semblance of work/hobby balance something had to give and I am afraid that was the time given to blogging.  That said it is very much my intention to return, particularly with ‚Zomtober‘ and ‚Dinovember‘ on the horizon; I find that these theme months often provide the impetus to pick up a brush again. 
Speaking of brushes, I haven’t painted anything for over a month, but that is not to say that there hasn’t been plenty of hobby time.  The pictures below will give you a clue as to what has been going on in a spare room far, far away!  So I am afraid to say that for the time being ’28mm Victorian Warfare‘ will be taking a small break, but normal service will resumer shortly.

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