Prussian Infantry – Franco-Prussian War

I planned to post these pictures about a week ago but was interupted by a phone call… my son David and my wife had been in a severe car accident, some dude thought it was a good ideea to skip a stop sign, so my wife and son hit his car right in the side in 90km/hour… 

I have spent the last week at the hospital with my Son thant got the most severe injuries of the two. My beloved wife got a fracture in her foot and ofcours a real beating by the crach, David broke an arm, fractured a finger on the other arm, got face damages, fractured jaw, 3 teeths dislocated, a minor damage on the liver and a general beateing by the crach so he had to have intensive care and several operations fixing his arm, teths, the liver damage they had under observation for a week and there was no need for surgery.. 

It seems like we can go home from the hospital tomorrow, he are bored so I guess he is recovered quiet well considering all damages.  

I´m so glad they survived at all in that speed.

Prussian infantry from the Eagle of Empire range, except for the mounted officer that are a official Hamburger Tactica mini.

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