Pucci Cavorters new in 28mm Erin Celtic Myth range

Pucci Cavorters new in 28mm Erin Celtic Myth range

The smallest of the Fomorian race.  From the seas and from Tory Island the Fomorians raid the lands to carry off riches, slaves and livestock. In these raids the Puccii are numerous and troublesome.  Alternative Armies passes one hundred miniatures in this unique range with new exotic and fun pose Pucci!  The Erin 28mm Celtic Mythology Range.

Five miniatures as singles with header code CM29.  These Pucci are meant to accompany your Fomorian Warriors and Champions and to caper or cavort for their amusement.  A task which when done well can bring reward or if done poorly can result in a messy death.  Unlike the five CM28 Pucci Warriors these creatures are not armed.

CM29-01 Pucci Cavorter Handstanding

CM29-02 Pucci Cavorter Balancing a Skull while laying down

CM29-03 Pucci Cavorter foot on Skull

CM29-04 Pucci Cavorter holding Skull aloft

CM29-05 Pucci Cavorter crouching behind a Stone

Fomorians grow with age and become stronger and more deadly as they do.  Pucci turn into Warriors who mature into Storm Warriors and Spell Weavers and a few grow to become Champions and even legendary Heroes such as Lord of the Fomorians Culach.

There are several saver Warbands in the range this is the latest CMB4 Fir Bolg

If you are looking for a mighty deal which gets you really into the Erin range we have the CMM00 All of Erin Bundle.  This bundle contains every single miniature (currently 101 metal 28mm poses) in the range from CM1-01 to CM29-05.  You save 5% which means 6 of the miniatures are free!  A great way to gain a collection with one purchase and of course any event discount is on top of the built in saving.

Until 8th May 2023 our Spring Mega Event is on at Alternative Armies.  See our BLOG for full details or visit the WEBSITE and have a browse.  20% off all orders automatically (no code needed) at checkout, 20 new releases, 100 deals and offers and the free any scale model in every package shipped.  Superb!

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