Pulp Wargaming – a quick overview


This is the first post of a series of posts about Pulp Wargaming. My goal is to introduce new players to the genre and to help them start their own adventure. But even if you are an experienced pulp gamer, you can benefit from reading this series too. Because there will be plenty of inspiration to boost your wargaming experience.

In the upcoming posts, I will cover the following topics:

  • finding inspiration for Pulp Wargaming
  • finding proper miniatures for your adventure
  • finding a set of rules, which will suit your needs

What is Pulp?

Pulp Wargaming Doc SavageA definition of Pulp is pretty hard. Of course, Pulp can be defined as a specific kind of literature in a specific timeframe. Mostly the popular Pulp novels in the 1920s – 1950s. But you may argue, that Pulp is more some kind of attitude or style. I would agree with that. While Pulp is mostly set in a semi-historical setting, I think the time frame doesn’t matter. Pulp is all about adventure and mystery. For example, Indiana Jones is a Pulp classic. But to me, a game like Uncharted is Pulp too. While the time frame is questionable, the cast and the whole setting surely fits into Pulp.

Another great Pulp character is James Bond. Think of the movie classic Goldfinger for example. There we have our criminal mastermind, trying to rob Fort Knox. And there is our hero, supported by fast cars and great gadgets. And sometimes distracted by hot women. This example shows, that you are not restricted to the adventurer kind of character and setting. Pulp is a much broader genre.

To me Pulp contains a variety of the following key elements:

  • Heroes
  • Villains (a wide variety of Nazis, mobsters or evil cultists)
  • the Supernatural (monsters, superpowers and stuff like that)
  • Super science (gadgets, vehicles and stuff like that. And well, the mad scientist of course)

What is Pulp Wargaming?

Typically Pulp games are character-driven adventure games. The character (player) or mostly a groupPulp Wargaming of characters (players) must accomplish various plot points to drive the story forward. While doing this, the characters must also oppose some kind of antagonist. Some Pulp games are semi-scripted and rely heavily on plot points.

While it is perfectly fine to play solo, a game master can be a nice addition. He navigates the players through the game and the story, using the mentioned plot points. He also plays the role of various non-player-characters. To make the most out of your gaming experience it is critical to understand that the game master doesn’t act as an antagonist of the players. Instead, a game master should always try to create the best gaming experience for the players. To make this happen, gamemaster and players should work together.

Why do we like Pulp Wargaming?

I like Pulp Wargaming because the possibilities are endless. No matter how crazy your story, your miniatures or your gaming table will be, there are no limits. You don’t have to consider historical accuracy or stuff like that. It is all about having fun. That’s why you should choose your gaming buddies wisely. In my experience, Pulp Wargaming works best, if you and your mates have some sense of humor and the same attitude towards gaming.  Playing tournaments is fine, but Pulp Wargaming is not the right place for power gaming. It is all about enjoying the story together.

How to start Pulp Wargaming?

Pulp Wargaming ScifiIf you are new to Pulp wargaming, the whole subject can be pretty intimidating. But don’t panic. There is no right or wrong. Pulp wargaming is all about having fun. In the following posts, we will discuss everything you need to start into the world of Pulp wargaming. So stay tuned and as always, any comments are appreciated.


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