PVC Terrain Mat from Tinywargames

PVC Terrain Mat from Tinywargames

I have a couple of nice but expensive cloth wargaming mats from Tinywargames, both for naval gaming, so I was interested to see that they now do PVC mats at a much lower price, roughly half of what you’d pay for a cloth or mouse mat equivalent. Before I splashed out on some new aerial wargaming hex mats, I thought I’d order a 4′ x 4′ mat of a basic design to see if they are any good. I chose a twenty quid (plus six quid postage) WW1 trench mat for aerial gaming, as it looked rather effective and would fit well on my kitchen table, to use for Wings at War Duel of Aces which doesn’t require any hexes. If it’s any good I may well order a proper 6′ x 4′ mat with hexes for the Khalkhin Gol Bag the Hun project or for the Battle of Britain Finest Hour solo campaign, assuming I can find a decent one in the range?

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