The announcement that Wargames Atlantic is releasing a plastic set of Zombiesmith’s charming Quar got my attention. 

Playing Xenos Rampant has sparked ideas for using Quar for a French WW1 themed force for Xenos Rampant

This will scratch several itches:

WW1 trench stuff (Lewis gun section, bomber section, rifle section, and trenches)

Early War French (the camo on their tanks)

And if I don’t get any of the above exactly correct who cares? It’s Quar.

And Quar (Because their kinda cute and goofy and I’ve always wanted them but never had any excuse)

Plus it will be an exercise in whimsy, which is something that I struggle with.

I just need to know how many sprues in a box so I can plan my forces, and when will the pre-release orders be open?

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