Well, you may think I have been quiet on the hobby front with no posts on this blog for over 9 months but you would be wrong. I have been busy working away on my Quatre Bras project and have now done enough to recreate the battle on the wargames table in 28mm, I just haven’t been posting.

The list includes making/painting terrain, buildings, converting and painting over a thousand infantry figures, plus cavalry, artillery, command and casualty bases/counters for each battalion. 

Most of the figures are from the Perry Miniatures plastic box sets with their metal’s for command. The Wheat fields are teddy bear fur which I ordered on-line but I am not too sure about the colour, I think they need to be a bit more beige in colour. 

There is still a lot more Napoleonic figures to paint for my Sharp Practice and General d’Armee collections but for now I have had my fill of painting Napoleonic and my next posts will be firmly back on my WW2 Chain of Command collections and some more terrain. 

This is going to be picture heavy as there is plenty to show. First off is the casualty bases with dice wells built into the bases to show shock or casualty status depending on which rule set I am using.

Sax Weimer and staff at QB.

French ADC’s ready for assignment using GDA.

French High Command.

 The Nassau Brigade deployed with QB in the background.

French approaching Gemincourt stream.

QB in background again.

Background far right corner – Haus Cense Farm.

Dutch Belgian Brigade lining the ridge.

French cavalry on the right flank.



Van Merlin’s Light Cavalry Brigade approaching QB crossroads.

Dutch 6th Hussars.

Belgian 5th Light Dragoons.

Picton’s Division lining the old roman road leading towards Namur. 

View from Haus Cense Farm

The Brunswick Contingent.

Dutch Belgian Brigade 

Nassau Brigade

Picton’s Division at crossroads QB.


Allied HQ at QB.

QB crossroads.

Pack leading his British Brigade. 

Brunswick Uhlans in the foreground and Gemioncourt farm at the back of the picture.

La Bergerie sheep farm in foreground and Gemioncourt in the distance.


Duke of Brunswick.

Dutch 6th Hussars foreground and Dutch/Belgian Militia lining the reverse slope. Gemioncourt Farm in distance.

6th Dutch Hussars and 5th Belgian Light Dragoons

Von Merlin, commander Dutch/Belgian Light Cavalry Brigade.

French cavalry ride around the marsh .

French Cuirassier.

French High Command.

Foy’s French Infantry Division about to cross Gemioncourt stream. QB in background.

On French right flank their 5th Infantry Division advance down the slope towards the stream.


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